Courtside Television Signage


Our courtside scorers table advertisers average over 2 minutes of 'DVR-proof' television exposure per game.

Each advertiser receives an equal rotation.

NCAA Men's and Women's teams each average approximately 15 home games per year.

Sponsors receive signage at all Men's and Women's home games and will be visible to all local and national audiences watching the games from home and away DMAs.

Courtside Television Signage at NCAA Game

Television signage is a 'day extending medium' visible long after the game is over during post-game highlight coverage locally and nationally on ESPN's SportsCenter, ESPNews, Fox Sports Net, and local news programming, etc.

Although advertisers buy our teams locally, they garner tremendous national coverage during all home games televised on CBS, ESPN and Fox Sports family of networks, as well as during all national sports highlight shows. This makes courtside television signage a very lucrative marketing tool.

Division ONE Sports works with EVERY major NCAA Division 1 school in the country.